Strawberry Chocolate Trifle Recipe


This Strawberry Chocolate Trifle recipe is amazing! I am always making different trifle recipes because they are so easy. Make sure you take a look at the other simple trifle recipes we have made.

Strawberry Chocolate Trifle Recipe: Easy & Delicious


Strawberry Chocolate Trifle Recipe

A trifle is a simple dessert that you can make by layering the different ingredients you have into a trifle bowl.This is one recipe that I am actually good at making. I love being able to change some of the ingredients to fit the occasion. Below you will find all the ingredients I used to make this Strawberry  Chocolate Trifle along with instructions so that you can try it too. You can also try our Strawberry Trifle with vanilla pudding if you are not a chocolate fan.

Strawberry  Chocolate Trifle Ingredients:

  • Strawberry Cake {I use the store bought kind but you can make it too}
  • 1 Large container of Cool Whip or 2 Small Containers
  • 1 Can Strawberry Pie Filling {You can use fresh strawberries}
  • 1 Large Pack of Chocolate Instant Pudding { I sometimes use 2}

Strawberry Chocolate Trifle Recipe: Easy & Delicious

Strawberry Trifle Instructions:

Start by preparing the cake and wait until it has completely cooled before starting the trifle. Next, you can make the pudding. Since I use instant I do not have to prepare this ahead of time.

Now you can start the trifle layers. I always  start with the cake so that you have a base {and it is easier to serve}. Here is how I layered this strawberry chocolate trifle:

  1. Layer of Strawberry Cake – I normally crumble it but you can cut pieces as well
  2. Layer of Chocolate Pudding
  3. Layer of Strawberry Pie Filling
  4. Layer of Cool Whip
  5. Repeat


You can top the trifle with the Strawberry pie filling too!

Strawberry Chocolate Trifle Recipe: Easy & Delicious

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Have you ever made a strawberry trifle dessert, please share in the comments below.





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